My work is helping women connect with their pelvis and tap into their full feminine power through yoga.  My yoga practice and teaching will nurture a woman's soul through body movement, breathing practices, meditation, and deep relaxation; it will give her the tools to discover how to live her life in harmony with her body, breath,  and mentstrual cycle. 

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Thank you, Sharon, for a lovely afternoon filled with indispensable knowledge about a woman’s body. I am still feeling the glow of energy from the workshop! I recommend this workshop to every woman, young and old. Every woman needs to experience the power within her body, and your guided imagery helped us find that energy. I look forward to participating in another of your workshops in the near future! Thanks again!! - Laurie

I came across Sharon's yoga for fertility card at a low point in my fertility journey. On meeting her, I instantly felt a connection with this kind, gentle, wise woman and I started one to one fertility yoga with her straight away. I later joined the group fertility yoga class. The combination of yoga to keep me relaxed, mindful and sane during my very long fertility journey and the support, encouragement and friendship of Sharon and the other girls in the group have been invaluable.  -Sam G.

I lived in Paris during months 4-7 of my pregnancy and I was so lucky to find Sharon's prenatal yoga classes. Her classes were instrumental to my general well-being during my pregnancy.  In addition to the yoga practice, Sharon shared lots of tips from other students and connected me with her colleagues to take other excellent birthing workshops. Her classes greatly contributed to my confidence and to my positive experience both in pregnancy and birth. - Ellie G.

I love Sharon's classes I have been going since trying to conceive and now with my daughter who loves her and her postnatal classes :). She is very knowledgeable about all things womanly and how to adapt your practice to your hormones and cycles. -Tina S.

I have been doing yoga with Sharon for a few years now. Her practice feels very calm, peaceful, deep and safe. Her flow is certainly the kind which could open the doors to a different dimension in your yoga practice. I realise now that before starting with Sharon, I was treating yoga as a physical felixibility exercise. Now it has become something with a spiritual dimension. Whenever she ends the class with her mantra "the peace in your heart is your true nature" I really feel it and live it. A guru once said you should pay attention to who you do yoga with. Not all yoga is beneficial or even helpful. You are not only in safe hands with Sharon but also in very good hands. -Ozgar K.

I've been coming to Sharon's classes since I arrived in Paris. I've tried one or two other classes here but always come back to Sharon. It is evident she constantly updates her own learning to better inform her students, and she has a wonderfully humble approach to yoga. I have also attended Sharon's Pelvic Floor class. I didn't realise how much I needed to until I was there! It was a wonderfully safe and welcoming environment where Sharon helped us tune into our bodies and carefully communicated the importance of our own awareness, something I come back to on a daily basis. Sharon also provides pre- and post- natal classes as well as providing amazing fertility support. A gem of a find.  - Jo B.

Sharon Bales teaches great yoga classes in Paris! She provides hatha yoga, hormone yoga, fertility yoga and pre-post natal yoga, with great knowledge and infinite patience, allowing both new-comers and advanced students to feel well & welcome, both in her class and in their own bodies. I highly recommend her classes!         - Maggie B.