Yoga for Fertility

Mon  19h to 20h15


Monday night Yoga for Fertility is a space for women to do a yoga practice developed specifically for promoting fertility in a safe and comfortable place, among others who understand the struggle, guided by a teacher who has been there.


Prenatal Yoga

Tuesdays 10h30 to 11h45

Tuesdays 19h to 20h15

Thursdays 10h30 to 11h45

Fridays 13h to 14h


I welcome pregnant women in my Prenatal Yoga classes to help them embrace the precious nine months of pregnancy and to be grateful and calm.  I aim to give each pregnant woman the space and peace to become aware of her body and the amazing changes taking place.  I guide women through practices that will help her maintain strength and suppleness, boost energy, and relieve minor ailments throughout pregnancy.  This class is a time for the woman to begin bonding with her baby and release anxieties.  An important part of the practice is releasing and breathing in preparation to transition the baby from the womb to the arms.  


Postnatal Yoga

Mondays 11h to 12h

Fridays 11h to 12h 


My postnatal class will complement your reeducation perinée, if you decide to work with a kiné.  We work first on reconnecting with the pelvic floor and regaining tone and flexibility.  It's the new mother's opportunity to take care of herself without having to separate from her baby - babies are welcome in this class.  We also do much work to stretch and strengthen the shoulders and back, clear the mind and rest the body.


Lunchtime Hatha

Thursdays 12h30 to 13h45


All levels Hatha yoga class giving the body an overall stretch while tuning into the breath to calm the mind and relax away from your busy work day and the bustling city.


All classes at my home studio are on the same pricing system:  20€ per class or 108€ for six classes.  If you buy six classes they are valid for any class at my place.