What is Fertility Yoga?

My Fertility Yoga classes are primarily a space for women, who have fertility issues as a common thread between them, to feel at ease.  Just at ease letting go of her guard that she olds with tension; that’s most important.  In this space she can feel free to use the lingo and explain that she is on “day 3 of folistim for ICSI number three”, or not explain anything about her journey.  No one will make you feel on the spot, but everyone is chatting about what’s happening in their cycle, so yours is every bit as interesting to us.

My students know to tell me where they are in their cycle, if they are doing treatment, or if they are in their 2ww.  They can trust that I will let them know if there is anything they should avoid, or anything that they should do especially.  They know that I will help them find comfort and ease in poses

I am grateful to my Fertility Yoga teacher, Francoise Freedman, as well as all that I learned about the female pelvis and energy from my other teachers including Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Leslie Howard.  I’ve learned that women firstly need to connect with their pelvis mentally.  From there she will discover muscles that she may not have ever known she could control, and how her breath can work to keep her pelvic organs and pelvic floor healthy.   My Fertility Yoga classes are also a space where I can guide you to physical self-discovery.

Relaxation of the body and mind is important for all of us.  For women struggling with fertility and going through medical treatments, relaxation and healing of the pelvis is vital.  It’s during these relaxations that women have the space to let things go, as we say, to heal, and learn to love their bodies, respect their wombs, trust that their bodies are capable of receiving new life, and they are capable of finding their way through their journey.  The

My classes offer a gentle and slow flow in which it’s easy to find your place even if you’ve never practiced yoga before.  You’ll feel the benefits in your body, and you’ll take away breathing and meditation practices that can be helpful in your every day journey. 

My main aim in creating this space is to help women find their way to clear communication with their intuition.  A special place of sanctuary and community.