KG HypnoBirthing is logical, simple, practical... and very effective; a complete antenatal education.  It makes a difference to your experience of giving birth, and gives you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life.  Hypnobirthing changes and empowers both the mother and her birthing partner, and has the most profound effect on the baby which will last for a lifetime.  - Katherine Graves, Founder of KGH


The Course

Where?  You can learn and practice HypnoBirthing with me by joining one of my upcoming HypnoBirthing classes at my home studio in Paris 2ème.  Or, if you prefer you can do your course privately with your birthing partner at your home or mine.    Scroll down for dates and rates or simply email me to discuss.

What?  You will learn the tools you need to have the best birth possible for you and your baby.   Knowledge and understanding help remove fear, so in this workshop I will give you an overview of the physiology and anatomy of birth and how a birth actually happens.   We will practice breathing techniques to calm the body and mind,  guided visualizations to release fears, restorative yoga poses for comfort, and deep relaxation preparing you for a confident and empowered birth.  

You will be given a copy of Katherine Graves's book The Hypnobirthing Book with access to MP3s prerecorded for your home practice, as well as a course manual.

When?  The earlier in pregnancy you do your HypnoBirthing Course, the more time you have to practice before your birth.  However, don't over-schedule yourself at the beginning of pregnancy, listen to your body and join a class when it's right for you and your partner.  The ideal time to start is around 20 weeks.

Who?  Testimonials from those who have done my course:

Sharon’s hypnobirthing class was everything I hoped for. I have been going to Sharon’s fertility yoga classes for a while, and now I’m attending her pre-natal yoga classes. Continuing with her to do hypnobirthing classes was a logical next step, because Sharon is someone I respect and trust. I wanted to have some techniques to manage labour without drugs, and came away with so much more knowledge, practical tips, and deeper self-awareness. Highly recommended.
— Kristie H.
It was great to work with you yesterday, we really felt it was positive and useful. [My husband] was really happy to feel he has and he will have an important role in the birth, to feel part of it.
We also enjoyed a lot to start imagine how it will be on that day, it makes us feel so much more confident.

Before I was scared and I wanted it to happen as fast as possible, yesterday night I felt differently: I was happy to think about the birth, how and what to do, how to prepare the room.. I finally start feeling it as a moment to live and not just a “mandatory step” to meet her. And this after just few hours with you.

We are really looking forward for the next part of it!
— Daniela L.


You can get a taste of what HypnoBirthing is like by coming along to my HypnoYoga for Pregnancy Workshops.    The next one is * TBA  * at my place on rue Sainte Anne, 75002.  Send me a message with questions or to register.

I also use guided visualizations and relaxation techniques in my weekly Prenatal Yoga classes.


Upcoming Courses:

Weekday or Weekend Group Courses  350€ per couple.  

To register email:  sharon@sharonbalesyoga.com

Upcoming Group Course:

Sundays October 20th and October 27th (14h to 18h each Sunday)

November courses are being organised now. If you are interested in joining, please send me an email expressing your interest and letting me know which dates you are available.

Private Sessions can be booked on an individual basis over four  2.5-hour sessions or two half day sessions following your schedule and preferences.  500€ per couple.