Postnatal Yoga

Fridays 11h tto 12h at my home studio rue Sainte Anne, 75002

My postnatal class will complement your reeducation perinée, if you decide to work with a kiné.  We work first on reconnecting with the pelvic floor and regaining tone and flexibility.  It's the new mother's opportunity to take care of herself without having to separate from her baby - babies are welcome in this class.  We also do much work to stretch and strengthen the shoulders and back, clear the mind, and rest the body.

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Each class offers you the space to relax, breathe, and connect with your baby.

Learn to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your busy daily life.  Strengthen your pelvic floor using pranayama/breathing techniques.  These practices help you reconnect with your peace, and support the healing of the womb and pelvic muscles, in doing this, you will enhance your strength and confidence.  Learn to clear the muddle of opinions from your intuition and trust yourself as a mother.

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Hold your baby close and let the vibrations from your OM soothe her.