Prenatal Yoga

A space to embrace your changing body, connect with your baby and with other pregnant women, and prepare for birth.

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My Prenatal Yoga classes are all level classes, and no previous yoga experience is required.  I offer space in my classes for women to adapt and embrace their growing and changing bodies and discover their new range of movement.  The aim of my prenatal classes is to support women in their transition into motherhood - a life of karma yoga.  Group classes offer the opportunity to connect with other pregnant women, make friends, find resources, and journey together through Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga.  In each class women are guided to come into their breath and use the breath to connect with their babies, maintain this connection through pregnancy, and use it as a tool for a calm birth.  Each class finishes with a guided relaxation to help women build confidence in their own bodies, find comfort and clam in their pregnancy, and build trust and bond with their babies.

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Prenatal Yoga at my home studio                     

Tuesdays 10h30 to 11h45

Tuesdays 19h to 20h15

Thursdays 10h30 to 11h45

Fridays 13h to 14h

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Prenatal Yoga at CAELO

Prenatal Yoga on Wednesdays 11h15 to 12h30

55 rue Monmartre, 75002.

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Honestly, every time I come to class, my back and body feel brand new again and I feel sooooooo great! Thank you for being a great instructor and having this available for pregnant moms.
— Candace G.